Dekun Bai
Dekun Bai












River Beleren (Aunt)


Phoenix Regeneration


Atlantean Royal Family



Dekun Bai (born).




Quite, reserved and almost like a shadow, he is often seen late at night, and rarely during the day. He keeps to himself, except when he has personal meetings with Marilyn in the grove. He rarely speaks, and even so in short answers. He dislikes talking about his ability, and even refuses to tell anyone of it.


It had been a month since River had made her way to Yunnan Province for Nix’s funeral. Only a couple of days previously he had been flight training in the People’s Army; testing out a new series of aeroplanes the People’s Republic had bought from Russia. He had been one of the younger recruits in the air force but had quickly excelled ahead past many of the older recruits. Flying was his passion and he enjoyed how free and powerful he felt as he sped through the sky at high speed. On the day Nix was flying on the right at the back of his squadron’s formation as they flew over the Outer Mongolian desert.

Out the window he watched the sandy plateau race by below him as ahead; the rest of his squadron flew through the sky. Their squadron was made up of the more advanced members of recruits this year and were lucky enough to test fly the new series of aircraft. Over their communications they chattered amongst themselves in rapid fire Mandarin as they dove and turn in almost synchronised fashion. Nix remained radio silent during the mission, save for the occasional ‘对’ in confirmation to orders from their squadron leader. It seemed like they could easily fly on into the horizon and never land but he knew eventually the respite would end and they would have to return to base.

From his pocket he drew the small charm his boyfriend had gifted to him this morning. It was meant to be some sort of Daoist or Buddhist charm of protection but Nix didn’t quite believe in that stuff. The smooth, wooden charm had the Traditional Chinese character for protection engraved on it; attached to a looped string with a couple of blue crystals. Despite his non-belief, Nix still enjoyed the gesture and kept it in the front pocket of his jacket.

As he turned the charm over in his hand he started to get an annoying itch on his shoulder blades. He moved his shoulder to and fro, trying to shift the itch by scratching it against the back of his chair, but the itch only seemed to grow over a large area. Across the communications his squadron checked to see if he was alright as his plane faltered in the air slightly. Still radio silent, he endured silently as it started to become too much. It now felt like his shoulders were on fire. When the sharp stab of pain struck his shoulder, the plane took a nose dive. It was all over in a matter of seconds as the plane plummeted nose first into the shifting sands below.

They said there was a lot of damage to his body. Someone even said it was hard to see what was machine and what were body parts as the two seemed to blend into one. They took hours to cut his torn body from the wreckage and managed to salvage most of it for his family. He was given a Confucian funeral only a couple of days after, before his remains were cremated and given to the family. His family had a shrine made in their house where his ashes sat and incense burned for their departed son, grandson and nephew. Even River managed to put her grievances aside with her family to make it over in time to pay her respects.

That was when Nix woke up. He was naked and confused, as he found himself lying on the concrete floor of the crematorium; shattered pottery seemingly blown apart and scattered all over the floor. Somehow he managed to find his way out of the dark place and into a back alley where he managed to find some clothes hanging from a line draped between both walls. He wasn’t well versed with his hometown but managed to eventually find his way home where he quickly changed into some of his own clothes before venturing out again. His first stop took him to his boyfriends whom he explained everything to before breaking it off. Nix was special now and he needed to escape before people started asking about him. Next he withdrew all his funds from the bank before purchasing a one way plane ticket to England in the following days. He knew a friend working in the British Embassy who would be able to get him a visa quickly; whom he visited next. It was on the plane that he bumped into his Aunt River and after explaining to her what happened, she explained to him what was going on and he returned to the Atlantean Mansion with her.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence 5
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Energy Projection 0
Fighting Skills 5


  • Dekun's Chinese name is 白德昆.
  • White (白) is also the color of mourning. It is associated with death and is used predominantly in funerals in Chinese culture.
  • His ability is based off of the Chinese Phoenix; Fenghuang (凤凰).
  • It's feathers contain the five fundamental colors: black, white (白), red, blue and yellow. It is a symbol of high virtue and grace; the head representing virtue (德). In some traditions it appears in good times but hides during times of trouble, while in other traditions it appeared only to mark the beginning of a new era.